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Jaguar XJS /XJ air conditioning R134a retro fit kit. Kit comprises of new receiver drier, r134a calibrated thermal expansion valve, cork tape to recover the outlet pipe on the evaporator once the thermal expansion valve is changed, 90 degree HP R134a service valve adapter, to screw onto the original R12 service valve (remember to remove the old valve core before installing) O-rings to replace the original ones from the  separated joins when replacing the supplied parts, 200ml of compressor oil to suit R134a gas and miscible with mineral oil residual from the old R12 charge. This is the minimum requirements to get an old R12 a/c system running on R134a.This work should be undertaken by a qualified person with a/c certification, alway pressure test your system before filling and check leaks before buying this kit. 

A/C R134a Retro Fit Service Kit XJS / XJ V12 / 6cyl

Productcode: Jag retrofit servkit
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