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Jaguar XJ-S 4.0 Face lift ( 1994-96 ) Condenser, Filtre Drier & Thermal Expansion Valve kit.

O-rings Included.

The best solution to aged a/c on the XJS, condensers usually leak after around 10 years from exposure to road salt and acids from the road traffic enviroment & natural decay of the aliuminium , so if you find your a/c does not stay pressurised for long its usually the condenser thats leaking, its always a must to replace the filter drier at least every 5 years and / or if the system has been recharged or open, to ensure the best performance we also recommend the Thermal Expansion Valve is replaced to give the best flow control possible, cars that dont get used regularly can suffer from waxing internally of the a/c system and this can interfere with the minute orifice in the TEV so replacing these parts with those in our kit  will give the best flow rate and best a/c performance

Brand new condenser, filtre drier & TEV kit  for all face lift 4.0L cars,

(This will also fit the 6.0L car but the condenser core is 50mm less in hieght but overall dimensions are exactly the same so will fit and works well.

Jaguar XJ-S Condenser - 4.0 Face Lift 94-96 MHD7390BA + Filter+Exp Val + Exp Val

Varenr.: XJS4.0Cond-Dr-TEV-kit
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