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Sanden compressor & pipe upgrade  AC kit XJS 4.0

Kit comprises of, Genuine Sanden SD7 compressor, new filter drier, new R134a / R1234yf calibrated thermal expansion valve, pressure switch kit giving high and low pressure cut out to the compressor, suction and discharge pipes with R134a service ports.

Kit is for cars fitted with the later Sanden SD508 R12 rotoray compressor ( NOT the Big Black GM Harrisson Compressor mounted on the bottom of the engine block, If this is yours you need our 3.6 kit!  If in doubt send a picture of your AC compressor and engine so we can determine the set up you have)

Price excludes vat for UK buyers add 20% to the price, price excludes shipping, shipping will be added at the checkout.


Any questions, email us and we will try our best to help.

Jaguar XJS 4.0 Sanden R134a update kit- (No CONDENSER)

Varenr.: XJS4.0comp+pipe+servicekit
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