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Jensen Interceptor MK2 383 Sanden Compressor Upgrade kit, for all cars that origianlly were fitted with the York compressor with the pipes that attach on the Right Hand side of compressor and the a/c condenser is mounted to a tubular rail in front of the coolant radiator.

Kits comprises of:

Brand new genuine Sanden compressor, mounting kit, 2 new made barrier hose pipes with R134a service ports for the new style compressor, new receiver drier, new expansion valve for R134a refrigerant,  compressor oil ( comes pre-filled by us to you) , o-rings and flare adpters where required.

(Ships World wide * prices vary contact us for details.)

Jensen Interceptor Mk2 (383) Sanden compressor only kit

Productcode: 383 Mk2 sanden compressor kit
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